In April 2004, we started our first business in designing , sourcing and developing new products mainly in houseware, health and beauty category.

In June 2012, we established our own manufacture which enable is to strengthen our capability in product development and interlectual property protection etc.

After a few years of cultivation in this field, now we have expanded our product line and business scope by setting up a group company with our subsidiaries below:

  • ZHEJIANG LOVVIN HOME PRODUCTS CO., LTD. ,—A manufacture for home & personal care items, is top seller on major e-commerce platforms in China for eyesmasks, mosquito & bug & mite repellents, charcoal bags, air fresher &purifier etc.   
  • NINGBO IYOUNG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., —A  manufacture for home appliances, is top seller on major e-commerce platforms in China for cooling fans, heaters, humidifiers etc.  
  • NINGBO MYIDEAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., —A major supplier of DRTV & mail order & TV shopping companies in North American and Europe etc.
  • NINGBO TOWOW TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.,—A cross-board e-commerce business platform with aboundant resource in social medial omini-channels.
  • YIWU LIANGXUAN TRADING CO,. LTD. ,—A supply chain management company in YIWU focusing on sourcing housewares, decorations, gifts & fashion accessories etc.  

Recently, for the sake of catching up with the new edge. we have joined hands together with CITY TOGO Technology Co., Ltd., the leading Home-decor e-commerce platform with high-tech backgroud. Together we have built a cross-border e-commerce platform: EmilyselectPro.

As shown , we have CN warehouse which have 10K kinds of stock and 16 overseas warehouses, Netherlands ,England ,France ,Spain ,Italy ,Czech ,Germany ,Russia ,Saudi Arabia ,The UAE ,Philippines ,American West ,Canada ,American East ,American South ,Australia …

Brand Meaning

The name IDEE is derived from the French word”IDEE” , which means IDEA. The IDEE logo graphically is like a Chinese stamp, which stands for the credibility.  

Company Vision

To be the global leading supply chain management expert company.

Business Scope

The company has 15+ years of experience in manufacturing, product development and supply chain management.

Product Innovation

  • Product innovation for a more convenient and happier lifestyle of customers. 

Customer Satisfaction

  • Listening to all customers to serve them better and provide them the best customer services. 

Talented People

  • A company that grows with talented people who have responsibilities and executive abilities.

Challenge Spirit

  • A company that progressively takes challenges in a variety of fields.