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As you know, our Lovvin Company mainly focuses on Wecan products, like mite removal kits, anti-mosquito series, masks, and other daily necessities. However, can you imagine our market sales? 

For instance, the sales of our mite removal kits rank NO. 1 compare to other similar products on Tmall for three consecutive years. Moreover, the cumulative sales of our online shops are about 3.5 million units, serving more than 1.6 million customers. Look at the single link monthly turnover of our Tmall store, it is over 10 thousand. Also, the Tmall store Single link sells 300,000 pieces per month. 

Well, we are refreshing this data all the time.

Can you believe it? A long time ago, our own factory Iyoung has been the OEM for lots of famous factories in China, such as AUX, Changhong, Royalstar, and so on. Nowadays, our factory has set up our own brand, Paisans. 

After three years of hard work, the sales volume of fans and heaters has come out top in almost all Chinese e-commerce platforms, especially Pinduoduo and Taobao. Well, if you search “tower electric heater” in Taobao, our product ranks no.2. Furthermore, if you search “electric heater” in Taobao, this product ranks no.3. 

Let’s look forward to a brighter future for the Chinese manufacturing brand! 

Chinese manufacturing Brand

This summer has been much hotter than any previous summer. Thus, how can we live without air-conditioners or fans? However, not everyone can afford the high-price air-conditioner and the expensive electricity fee. That is why I think the fan is one of the greatest inventions bringing convenience and happiness to both rich people and poor. 

Iyoung, our own factory, has reached lots of fan orders recently in South Asia, especially Vietnam and Nepal. Moreover, our factory even cooperates with the largest local chain of home appliance supermarkets in Nepal. Thus, most of our staff are busy with communicating with clients and delivering goods. 

Today, I received surprising news, which makes me have not had this much fun in a long time. One of the subsidiary companies of our IDEE group, Zhejiang Liangxuan Trade Co. Ltd, sales increased by 200% to more than 50 million RMB this year. Thus, I really want to thank the whole staff sincerely, especially Mr.Lee, the leader of our subsidiary company, because of their hard work so we can make this achievement.

It is a company devoted to the design, manufacture, and sale of garments, involving Yoga Wear, Sexy Lingerie, T-shirts, etc. Moreover, our company has been a stable supplier for many chain stores, trade companies, wholesalers, and internet sellers all over the world. Also, our company has been the export agent for many domestic companies. What is more, with experience of export for more than 12 years, we have a very professional and stable foreign trade team. “High Quality, Low Price, Best Service, Quick Delivery” is our core value. Nowadays, we have supplied products to more than 60 countries and 5000 reliable retailers. All in all, sincerely look forward to honesty and win-win cooperation with you.

Good news! After three-year hard work, our company has created lots of hot-selling products recently, and the sales volume of some products even ranked No.1 in the Chinese main e-commerce platform Taobao. Thus, in the video, I make some examples of mite-repellent bags, eye masks, and anti-mosquito sticks, which are the best sellers. Looking forward to your congratulations!