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100%, waterproof fabric
【Fully equipped / travel more convenient!】 New and upgraded car roof lift added 2 luggage poles, LED light belt, 5 cm thick base and retractable 2.3m ladder. Hard shell RTT’s overload equipment allows you to carry more suitcases, provide lighting at night, provide a comfortable rest environment, convenient in and out of walking.
【Easy seconds lift】 hard shell roof lifting pressure bar, 10 seconds can easily pop up or fold up the roof lift, easy and convenient! Overland rtt Support for all the height of the cars, can be used!
【Aluminum alloy shell + stainless steel gas bar】 Car camping uses high quality aluminum, installation kit and fabric design, metal case rtt resistance to level 6 wind. The pressure bar is made of stainless steel, durable, will not rust, long service life!
【Precision configuration three layers】The roof lift has three layers: 5cm undeformed soft desktop, providing you with high quality and comfortable rest and sleep; condensate cushion, prevent air pressure and temperature difference between day and night to cause moisture condensation into water droplets and wet desktop; ocean cushion can absorb moisture and protect the desktop.
【Spacious / Storage Space】Roof tray can accommodate two adults and one child. There are also 10 daily supplies storage bags and 2 shoes waterproof storage bags!
【Truck bed walking with LED lights and mesh Windows】roof walking is equipped with bright eye protection LED light bars, which can bring you light at night, roof walking hard shell with zip mesh window, further providing you with a comfortable rest environment.
【Sunscreen / waterproof / sealing】SUV is Oxford cloth outside, polyester yarn inside, waterproof glue at joints, W / R 5000, all products have passed the waterproof test and are fully qualified. In addition, the car operation also has the function of ultraviolet protection, and has a zipper type mesh cloth, can taste not hot, no matter any season and weather can be used!
【Service & Warranty】 Naturnest always provides you with high-